We’re off to claim our GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP at Tate Modern, London

27 May

Cultural Forum 2013: Global Citizenship is a series of public lectures and debates hosted at Tate Modern on London’s Southbank by Zamyn, a shadowy collective of global opinion-shapers (well, maybe not that shadowy; they explain themselves here)

The idea is to knock worthy heads together, get politicians talking to psychologists, artists to business leaders, in an attempt to inject some humanity into global policymaking.

Global Citizenship kicks off this Wednesday at 7pm with an exploration of exile and migrant identity, chaired by Baroness Amos, UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs. For details of this and other events, visit http://www.zamynforum.org/events

Tickets are free, but are likely to get snapped up quickly, so if you have problems give us a shout – Zamyn has kindly allocated 20 seats for Arc readers.

A London-centric post? To be sure – but I’m getting some video of the event as it happens and will syndicate it here. Assuming it’s worthwhile, of course. (We’ll tolerate no empty gestures here.)

Simon Ings

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