We’re watching PAINTWORK by Tim Maughan

5 Apr

Based on the title short story from Tim Maughan’s collection, Paintwork is our first foray into film production. It was premiered in an early form in February as part of the arts festival Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, and will get its first public UK screening at the british Film Institue on Sunday 5 May during MirrorrorriM, an afternoon of mixed reality events and talks organised by SciFi London.

Set in near-future Bristol – known internationally for spawning Banksy – it follows augmented reality graffiti artist 3Cube as she illegally transforms an all-too familiar advertising billboard into a work of high tech street art. Influenced by Chris Marker’s seminal 1962 film La Jetée, Paintwork blends still photography by Laurie Eagle and computer animation by Alan Tabrett with audio from two stalwarts of the Bristol music scene in the form of narration by MC Koast and an exclusive soundtrack from dubstep producer Forsaken.


Buy Arc 1.3 Afterparty Overdrive to read Tim Maughan’s story “Limited Edition”, shortlisted for the BSFA Award 2013.

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