A Christmas present: M John Harrison tripping in Autotelia

25 Dec

Climber, critic, Clarke Award winner and author of Empty Space M John Harrison discusses In Autotelia, his story for Arc 1.1, out now for tablets, phones and screens.  

“There’s more crammed into those 4000 words than there is crammed into the entire Light trilogy,” Harrison says. “The fewer words you use, the more you can stuff in, which is why poetry is so good, and so hard to unpick.”

To relax, Harrison keeps what appears, at least, to be an open journal, capturing his shifting responses to the work and the world. “Now and again I release a note from 1974 into the wild,” he says, “just to see what people will make of it. I’m also quite deliberately trying to loosen the reins on the blog, to let in more of what the internet does. Tilman the Skateboarding Bulldog being a case in point. I see both joy and fear in him, but there is an enviable serenity beneath them both…”

Harrison’s latest book, Empty Space, is the subject of an @arcfinity video interview at http://youtu.be/08bZpGm_kPc

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