FOREVER ALONE DRONE: Simon Ings explores a new model city

14 Dec

Take a handful of scientists, technologists, illustrators, film-makers, writers and special-effects artists. Sit them round a table under bright lights and cameras and tell them to conjure up a city of the future. Something to inspire a generation. A beacon. A grail.


Then, build it. Film it. Tell stories in it. Try, as best you can, to inhabit it.

Modelled on the quasi-religious temples of the 1939 New York World’s Fair, Under Tomorrow’s Sky is a room-sized miniature model of the city of the future. Invited guests are using it as a stage set to develop a collection of narratives, movies and illustrations.


Of course, not everyone’s happy…

Come and explore Under Tomorrow’s Sky in full in Arc 1.4: Forever Alone Drone, out now,

for iPads and iPhones

for Android devices, Windows and Mac computers

as a collectible print edition

and for Kindle

And if you would like to write for Arc, check out our new competition.

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