Get your free copy of Arc 1.3: Afterparty Overdrive

28 Sep

The wait is over. Arc 1.3: Afterparty Overdrive is out now – and it won’t cost you a penny. This time out, we’re taking a look at the future of pleasure: from robot music to riotous shopping and the gentler pastimes of crowdsourced theatre and biohacked gardening. And we’re making it free for a limited time on our Zinio and Google Play stores.

This issue kicks off with mathematician and network scientist Sam Arbesman, who wonders how we will relate to machines who understand the world better than we do. Neal Stephenson talks to us about reclaiming the body from its digital prison. Justin Pickard meets the new Luddites. New Scientist editor and lapsed raver Sumit Paul-Choudhury takes us to the singularity disco. And Simon Ings remembers the handful of civilisations that, far from fading away, partied themselves to death.

On the fiction front, we’ve taken a break from the A-list to showcase a crop of brilliant up-and-coming writers. We asked Lavie Tidhar – arguably the most awarded and talked about SF discovery of the decade – to write us something wild: he embraced our challenge with savage glee. Tim Maughan’s another new and exciting talent, weaving gossamer-light speculative ideas through street culture to producing some of the funniest, most furious, most touching science fiction of recent years; his story for Arc 1.3 is no exception. David Gullen’s All Your Futures, a story set in the far future, has a lot to say about today’s fad for kidulthood. Nan Craig, meanwhile, explores the impossibility of getting a job when the world changes far faster than you can: her story Scrapmetal is the winner of our second Arc/Tomorrow Project short story competition.

Visit our new-look website at to get your copy, or you can go directly to Google Play and the digital magazine platform Zinio. (Sorry, Kindle readers: your version’s coming soon.)

And spread the word! This offer won’t last long.

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