Video 11 Jun

Here’s Nick Harkaway, speaking to Arc’s editor Simon Ings about “Attenuation”, his story in Arc 1.2, and about his new book The Blind Giant, a guide to being human in a digital world.

Nick is the author of two novels, Angelmaker and The Gone-Away World. He lives in London with his wife Clare, a human rights lawyer, and his daughter Clemency. The Observer called him “a tragical-comical-historical-pastoral novelist, if you like; or ā€“ more precisely in the case of this second book ā€“ a fantasy-gangster-espionage-romance novelist.” So there you are.

This interview, shot in full earshot of New Scientist’s famous passive-aggressive air-conditioning system, is the first of a series of short videos featuring writers, thinkers and pundits, each of whom have a take – often a very personal and eccentric take – on our future. Some of the people we talk to, like Nick, have contributed to Arc. But we’re also reaching out to a broader community of writers and thinkers. So if you have an idea of who we should interview, and why, please drop us a line.We want to know what you think.

The future is personal, after all. You could argue it’s all we’ve got.

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