Arc 1.1: The Future Always Wins. Out now.

20 Feb


For iPads and iPhones
For Kindle
For Android devices, Windows and Mac computers
As a collectible print edition


EDITORIAL: Welcome to the future
Simon Ings and Sumit Paul-Choudhury

FORWARD: The object of posterity’s scorn (+)
Bruce Sterling

SHORT STORY: A Journey to Amasia (+)
Stephen Baxter

China Miéville

SHORT STORY: Bearlift (+)
Margaret Atwood

PRESENT TENSE: Breaking the fall (+)
Paul Graham Raven

SHORT STORY: In Autotelia (+)
M. John Harrison

UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED: Sir John Schorne’s Devil (+)
Simon Ings

PRIOR ART: What hpapnes fi it atclluy wroks? (+)
Sumit Paul-Choudhury

SHORT STORY: Topsight (+)
Hannu Rajaniemi

THE TOMORROW PROJECT: Making The Future (+)
Justin Mullins

TEXTS: Three Surprising Theories About Science Fiction (+)
Adam Roberts

GAMES: Three Ways To Play The Future (+)
Leigh Alexander

SPACES: Three Sorties On Dreamland (+)
Simon Pummell

SHORT STORY: The Water Thief (+)
Alastair Reynolds

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