Arc 1.2: Post human conditions


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EDITORIAL: What will we be tomorrow? ( )
Simon Ings & Sumit Paul-Choudhury

FORWARD: The future’s mine ( )
Frederik Pohl

How we think about the future, shapes the future — and the last of Gernsback’s greats says we should be careful what we wish for

PRESENT TENSE: Nobody knows you’re a dog (+)
Anne Galloway & Sumit Paul-Choudhury

The internet is sending feelers through the animal kingdom. Is this a new way of looking at life on earth – or just another vanity mirror for humans?

SHORT STORY: Attenuation (+)
Nick Harkaway

Sonny Hall lived fast, died young and left a beautiful corpse. And that’s when his troubles really began

PRIOR ART: Petersburg’s Prometheus (+)
Sonja Vesterholt & Simon Ings

For 20 years, unemployable Russian filmmaker Pavel Klushantsev led a life of loneliness and obscurity, unaware of a Hollywood campaign to track down “the Red Kubrick”.

SHORT STORY: The Man (+)
Paul McAuley

Why did he come to this hardscrabble human settlement, unannounced, unequipped, without purpose, without desire? Come to think of it – why did they?

INNER SPACE: Through the Deep Space Desert (+)
Regina Peldszus

Humanity is about to embark on the longest, most tedious round-trip ever. Fretful passenger Regina Peldszus asks, “Are we there yet?”

SHORT STORY: Big Dave’s in Love (+)
T.D. Edge

Poor Dave: somewhere under all those vodka mallows beats a lover’s heart. And Jack had better find it, fast, before the sludge arrives.

TOMORROW PROJECT: Help shape the future (+)

The second Arc/Tomorrow Project short story competition is underway. Come join the conversation

UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED: The Mudang’s dance (+)
Gord Sellar

South Korea has gone from impoverished feudal backwater to liberal economic superpower in a generation — yet its people don’t talk about the future much. Do they know something we don’t?

SPACES: Built for Pleasure (+)
P.D. Smith

There are many serious and sober reasons why humanity has become a predominantly urban species – but it’s the silly ones that count.

PLAY: Adult pursuits (+)
Holly Gramazio

Treasure hunts and letterboxing, football and free-for-alls: these games engage entire communities. Can digital games compete?

GAMES: Bad vibrations (+)
Kyle Munkittrick

A game is like a dream: you have to be in it to understand it. So why do the best games put you in the last place you would ever want to be?

SHORT STORY: Komodo (+)
Jeff VanderMeer

Listen, child: there are no such things as angels, and the gods are taking us for a ride. But what a ride!

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